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Evolution CP & IV Calculator

The ultimate toolbox for Pokemon Go

We helped revolutionize the way Pokemon GO trainers leveled up and played the game since the early days, by providing all the tools needed on mobile.

About project.

With Evolution CP & IV Calculator (Pokevolution) app, you can calculate the Combat Points (CP) and Individual Values (IV), find Pokemon Weeknesses during battles and current Raid Bosses for gyms. The mobile-first approach allows you to use this toolkit while on the Go playing Pokemon GO

Pokevolution includes 7 popular tools used by Pokemon GO players and it integrates systems that keep it always updated.

Funky design, multi-lingual support (9 languages), live content updates makes Pokevolution one of the easiest and accurate companion apps for Pokemon GO

This version includes:

  • CP Calculator
  • IV Calculator
  • Lucky Egg
  • Calculator
  • Level Rewards
  • Hatch Egg
  • Weaknesses
  • Raid Bosses

* This app is community driven and is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Nintendo, Niantic, or any other related company. All trademarks and other intellectual property used or referenced in this app are the property of their respective owners.

Level up quickly

The fastest way to level up while playing Pokemon Go, effortless and with precision. 9 tools with information and calculations to ensure you are getting the best results!


Special algorithms used based on Pokemon Game Formulas to ensure less than 5% error while calculating results.

Always Updated

With the content regularly changing, an appropriate backend was set to make sure the app is always updated.

Accessible to all

Translated in 9 languages to allow users around the world to use the app.

Smooth experience

Several native libraries were implemented in order to give users the best experience possible.

Push Notifications

OneSignal library was implemented to manage Push Notifications used to inform users about new features, updates and important in game events.

Google Admob

The native libraries for Ads were implemented for mobile monetization while offering a smooth experiance to users.

Google / Apple Pay

Google and Apple Pay feature was imeplemented to allow users make transactions inside the app using their native system.

Our services.

UI/UX Design

Android & iOS Development

Mobile Monetization

Mobile Marketing

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Calculated results

Under the hood.


Android & iOS Development

Google Admob



Custom PHP




Evolution CP & IV Calculator



Released in

June 2016